Real time data driven design campaign.

Alex Thomson is one of the most interesting and talented sailors of his generation. Alex Thomson is a prodigy and a record hunter with indomitable ambition. His achievements are as enormous as the distances he has covered. Learn more about the career, the epic rides and the life of the man behind the wheel of our HUGO BOSS yacht. The Vendée Globe is the ultimate endurance test: the regatta leads once through the most inhospitable waters around the globe. Only half of the sailors who compete make it to the finish line. In 2004, Alex took part in the regatta for the first time, but had to give up early due to damage to his boat. HUGO BOSS and Alex Thomson have been partners in one of the longest collaborations of the sailing world since 2003. HUGO BOSS sponsors the innovative IMOCA 60 yacht and equips Alex and his team not only with functional clothing for the regatta, but also with outfits for formal events. As part of their partnership, Alex Thomson and HUGO BOSS have staged three stunning stunts that have been followed by millions around the world: the Keelwalk, the Mastwalk and the Skywalk.
In the year 2013, when he finished third place in the Vendée Globe regatta, WERBEWELT and HUGO BOSS teamed up with him and documented the race once more in a new and interactive way. Since every boat is equipped with the latest technology to measure data like weather, sea, location and telemetrics we took some of these data and formed a digital campaign out of it. On a special facebook page all information around Alex and the race itself is shown as well as a teaser video to engage people taking part in the digital campaign. A interactive card shows the current location of Alex and his competitors. By registering, people could guess the upcoming location of Alex for the next day. Everyday the one person was raffled out that put his pin the nearest to Alex location. Out of the telemetric data of each day an individual graphic was generated and printed on a HUGO BOSS shirt. Each day one person got the chance to win one of these tailored shirts. Out of the winners one person was raffled out to win a meet and greet with Alex on his IMOCA 60 yacht.



Agency: Werbewelt
Chief creative officer: Tobias Ulmer
Creative Director: Bastian Pristl
Art Director: Max Blum
Account Director: Sven Sulzer
3D Production: Artificial Rome

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