Six different brands
and one face to the customer.

The relaunch of the digital flagship store of HUGO BOSS combined six different brand world in combination with editorial content and a customer relationship management system under one umbrella.
The Holding HUGO BOSS combines the two brands HUGO and BOSS, while the BOSS brand owns several lines like BOSS Selection, BOSS Selection Tailor Made, BOSS Black, BOSS Orange and BOSS Green. Selection is combines the finest materials and with selection tailor made even with a tailored made to measure fit on a very pricy and premium level. Black is the fashion spearhead, it combines classic business driven fashion with current runway trends. Orange approaches the with a denim focussed collection a younger target group and Green is based on the former sportswear collections and focuses on tennis and golf inspired by runway fashion. HUGO reinterprets the approach of BOSS Black in a more avantgarde and lifestyle oriented way. All brands have a different visual approach and of course a target group that differentiates them from each other regarding pricing and their strategic direction.
With a modular grid and individual customizable content containers one visual face to the customer could be guaranteed. The website builds up on a four column grid. Depending on the brand / line another background skinning, colors, fonts, sounds and transitions were used to give each brand and individual matching look according to the current visual display campaign. Depending on this concept the website has a different look every six months. An intelligent mix and match system makes content sharing on the site even more simple. A teaser for HUGO shoes can be put on the product detail page of BOSS Orange without an adaption of the styling. Since the teaser container is placed inside of the BOSS Orange world it will be styled automatically to match the Orange brand world.
In addition to the brand worlds the HUGO BOSS eMAG combines relevant editorial content that is not directly related to products or commerce. The eMAG features the companies testimonials or influencers in interviews or documentaries or tells stories about the sports or arts sponsoring of the company. As a part of the eMAG the HUGO BOSS TV serves as a hub for all moving content e.g. talks, fashion shows, commercials. Related to the brand HUGO, but also part of the editorial game are the HUGO TRACKS. The HUGO TRACKS are the pendant of HUGO BOSS TV, but for music. Curated by HearDis! the focus is on upcoming electronic artists since every week a new artist is presented in a small article with the possibility of a free but limited music download.
Last but not least, the heart of the website is the MY HUGO BOSS Account and the store locator. The MY ACCOUNT serves as a customer relationship system, with integrated wish list, address and newsletter management and the possibility to manage preferences for individual content on the start page.



Agency: Werbewelt
CEO: Tobias Ulmer
Creative Director: Bastian Pristl
Art Director: Lutz Fischer
Account Director: Daniela Weber

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