Bietigheim Love Affair

Client OLYMP
Role Creative Direction
Agency BSS Brand Communication
Year 2022

How does one elevate the OLYMP brand in the consciousness of a younger demographic? In this case, the solution lies right at our doorstep: Bietigheim isn't just the capital of shirts but also a hub of German hip-hop culture. The objective: to forge a connection between these two worlds, employing a protagonist from the upper echelons of the industry. An idea that resonates and operates seamlessly for all involved.

Solution: A collaboration with one of the most prominent figures in the genre: BAUSA. Executed across multiple stages, meticulously planned for maximum communicative impact. The pillars of this collaboration include outfit sponsorship in BAUSA's music videos, event sponsorship of the open-air concert at the Viaduct in Bietigheim, complete with pre- and post-event media coverage, a pop-up store at the venue, a bespoke festival shirt, and an exclusive after-show party. Additionally, a BAUSA X OLYMP collection co-developed with the artist, supported by an extensive marketing campaign. Notably, the inclusion of the BAUSA 3D character, with the potential for NFT offering.

Performance-wise: A collection that not only garners significant attention but also sparks substantial demand – both in stores and on OLYMP.COM. A local event with national outreach. A noticeable surge in followers within the younger demographic. From paid and owned social media initiatives to YouTube ads, the social media postings have witnessed a notable surge in reach and impressions.


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